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Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant

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Tree of Life Pendant Silver with 

stainless steel chain 60cm

Leaves Diameter 4cm 

Oxidation Rainbow Color 

「生與死」~以宇宙的規律永恆不息地循環. 在今天這個不確定的年代,面對逆境切勿沉淪於黑暗,唯有只要相信自己,尋找內心那點光明, 迎接每一個明天,直到另一個新的開始!

"Life and Death" ~ an eternal cycle based on the laws of the universe. In today's uncertain era, in the face of adversity, don't sink into darkness, just believe in yourself, find the light in your heart, and welcome every tomorrow. Until another new beginning!


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