[SILVER KINGS]  香港品牌設計師創作人Leo Lo,專業設計製作獨特而非凡首飾!

Silver Kings Story:

創立於2002年扎根「香港」. 創辦人Leo Lo『89年踏入首飾行業, 由打金學徒開始, 經歷10年成為金工師傅! 由於從小就喜歡劃畫,愛創作,及後2000年開始修讀珠寶設計, 開始建立自己品牌SILVER KINGS. 

2002年開始主要設計生產純銀飾品, 以創新和獨特的設計風格, 迅速地成為時尚一族追棒的首飾品牌,同時更成為流行飾品的代名詞。對於設計,我們堅持品牌的獨特味道,同時在異材質上的使用,我們勇於大膽嘗試, 及後因業內不銹鋼首飾生產技術突破性發展,SILVER KINGS 正式推出STAINLESS STEEL COLLECTION市面後反應熱列,產品在市場上得到廣大消費者的喜愛與回響。因此我們運用各種金屬不同的特性,更努力不斷開發不同的款式。使每款產品開發至面世更接近創作精髓。於2010年由台灣經銷商一直行銷經營巳十多年至今.


品牌理念 :

SILVER KINGS一貫的堅持和不斷的創新,運用不同理念 的設計來讓SILVER KINGS飾品呈現出最豐富的線條、立體化的表現,同時引領流行飾品的潮流。這便是SILVER KINGS的目標, 打破流行飾品市場一貫嚴重抄襲風氣.


Hong Kong Designer Creator Leo Lo, is a  professional in designing and crafting unique and extraordinary jewellery.

Silver Kings established in year 2002 Hong Kong.  Creator Leo Lo, entered the jewelry industry in 1989 as an apprentice goldsmith and, after the years, became a skilled goldsmith.  Due to this passion for drawing and creativity, he started studying jewelry design in 2000 and established his own brand, SILVER KINGS。 

Starting in 2002, SILVER KINGS mainly designed and produced sterling silver jewelry, quickly becoming a sought-after jewelry brand among fashion-forward individuals and a synonym for trendy accessories. We insist on maintaining our brand's unique flavor in our designs and explore bold combinations of different materials.  After the breakthrough development of stainless steel jewelry production technology in the industry,  We strive to continuously develop different styles by utilizing the unique characteristics of various metals and bring each product closer to the essence of creativity.  


Our Philosophy is to continuously innovate and use different design concepts to present SILVER KINGS jewelry with the most abundant lines and three-dimensional expressions, leading the trend of fashion accessories.  This is SILVER KINGS goal, to break the rampant trend of copying in the fashion accessory market and embody the Hong Kong spirit of striving for self-improvement